Small Excavation

Need Excavation Services in Utica, NY or the surrounding areas?

Need Excavation Services in Utica, NY or the surrounding areas?

Let our hardworking team tackle your excavation work

Whether you're prepping for a construction project or improving drainage on your property, you'll need a reliable excavation expert on your side. You can count on CNC Concrete and Masonry Restoration LLC for excellent excavation services in Utica, NY and surrounding areas. We have a small dump truck at our disposal for minor excavation work like moving soil or preparing your property for sod.

Schedule your dump truck services now by contacting our team.

Why you need a pro for excavation services

Digging a ditch may seem like a job anyone can handle, but this couldn't be further from the truth. You need to find a reliable pro whenever you need excavation services. Only an expert knows how to:

  • Prevent runoff and erosion issues
  • Avoid important underground lines and pipes
  • Level your site after completing excavation work

Thankfully, we're here to help when you need excavation or dump truck services. We'll take the time to get all the proper permits and check for potential issues before we start digging. Speak to our contractor today if you need a new drainage ditch for your property.